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The Meme Collection

Just what exactly is an Internet Meme?

According to

"An Internet meme is a cultural phenomenon that spreads from one person to another online. In general, a meme is an idea that is passed from one person and possibly one generation to another througout a culture. Online, a meme is a prime example of viral content."

That definition sounds sterile to me. In my world, Memes are pictures with words that

  • make us laugh
  • make us think
  • make fun of celebreties
  • make fun of politicians
  • make fun of ourselves
  • make really cheap birthday cards
  • Why Do You Always Wear That Mask?

    When one becomes a Traumatic Brain Injury Caregiver, he or she eventually withdraws and alienates themselves from family and friends because they're focused on the patient's care and recovery. Everything else in their life takes a back seat, including their own wellbeing. Their lives have changed, family and friends begin to vanish, and they feel forgotten. It's very sad.

    The depression can be debilitating. You go to the doctor. He prescribes anti-depressants. They marginally work - the tears stop but you feel like a robot, going through the motions. Soon you stop feeling anything, because you need to protect yourself from setbacks and disappointments. You long for the days before the accident. You miss laughter, especially your own.

    Enter Memes. You browse Facebook to see how your family and your friends are doing. You have nothing new to report, and you don't want to be known as a whiner or complainer. All of a sudden, a group that you belong to has a meme contest. You begin reading them. Some memes make you smile. Scroll down the page, and some of them seem to jump off the screen and hit you in the face. You're laughing! You're amazed that something so stupid is funny! How can that be? I don't know, but Memes helped me regain my Warped Sense of Humor, and I'm forever grateful.

    Memes have even been incorporated into my t-shirt designs, because sometimes you just to wear a Meme to get people around you to laugh. They make awesome birthday and anniversary gifts!

    I've been saving Memes that are funny and sarcastic that reminds me to keep smiling. I'm sharing them with anyone who needs them. Feel free to right click on the ones that make you giggle and save them to your device.

    The Meme Collection is a labor of love, and will be updated as time allows me to add them. Be patient, and check back often for new additions. Happy right-clicking!