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For Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness, Caregivers, and Anyone Who Needs to Laugh

Warped Sense of Humor

In 2012, my new husband of 2 months was in a serious motorcycle accident. When he was in a coma, I'd tell him if he didn't want to be married, all he had to do was speak up - not hit his head on the pavement! We endured two years of intense therapy until he recovered well enough from a Traumatic Brain Injury to be self-sufficient. It was during those two years that the only way I could retain any sanity I had left was to find things to laugh at. Enter Facebook and memes.

I'd find myself laughing at memes, and knew I could put the ones that tickled my fancy and appealed to my warped sense of humor on t-shirts and mugs. Then my husband would say things that were so off the wall and funny, I was compelled to make Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness and Caregiver designs. Then Relationships and other categories were added. Now there are shirt and mug designs for everyone.

My favorite t-shirt and coffee mug designs are available for purchase on the Shop page. Feel free to use the Design button to change the item or the color of the design to suit your fancy!

Call me. Find me on Facebook. Send me an email. Let's create something that works for you!

I'm excited to announce my jewelry line will be added to Degan's Designs starting in May, 2017! Necklaces, bracelets and earrings will be available online and locally in Daytona Beach, Florida. Stay tuned!

Also, in the near future a Memes Page will be part of, sorted by category, so you'll be able to download them to your device and use them whenever you feel the need to share.