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Cool Funny Unique T-ShirtsWelcome to Degan’s Designs! This is the place to shop when you’re looking for Cool, Funny, and Unique T-Shirts when you need a special t-shirt.

My Cool, Funny, and Unique T-Shirts are fabulous for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Any time you want to make a statement and let the world know what’s on your mind, Cool, Funny, and Unique T-Shirts will certainly do the job for you.

Degan’s Designs has categories of Cool, Funny, and Unique T-Shirts, such as Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness, Caregivers, Christian,  Birthday, Inspirational, St. Patrick’s Day, Relationships, Christmas, Patriotic, Nerds & Geeks, Funny, Delightful, Yoga & Fitness,  Bookkeepers, Pittsburgh, PA,  Daytona Beach, FL,  Coffee Drinkers, Hurricane Matthew, Golfers, Crafters, Wine Enthusiasts, Friendship, Mother’s Day, Maternity, and Pets! I’m sure there will probably be more added someday, although I should really thin out the herd.

My top selling Cool, Funny, and Unique T-Shirt is one of my personal favorites. It simply says “I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW OLD PEOPLE MY AGE ARE“. I love it because it’s simple and straight to the point!

What’s Inside the Box

Cool Funny Unique T-ShirtsYou can change they style and color of any Cool, Funny, and Unique T-Shirt. If you want a different color on the design, it can be done with the click of a mouse. It’s that simple! If you’re not a fan of the shirt in the picture, you can change the shirt and/or the color.

When selecting the Cool, Funny, and Unique T-Shirt, you’ll see the measurements for each product. If there’s a notation that says the shirt runs small, it probably does. Simply order the next size up or select a different size.I’m in the process of changing the products shown on in the Shop. Some styles are no longer available. Sometimes I think a better color goes with the design than the one in the picture.I don’t get the T-Shirts that run small because I’ve gained weight in the wrong places.

About Me and My Designs

Nobody appreciates a cool, funny, unique t-shirt more than me. The following story is probably more than you want to know about me and my designs.

When memes started popping up on the Internet, I kept thinking somebody needs to make a t-shirt out of them! Especially the funny ones – they definitely needed to be on shirts.

After my husband’s motorcycle accident and Traumatic Brain Injury, every now and then he’d say something hysterical, then give me “permission” to put what he said  on a shirt. The TBI Awareness T-Shirt Collection of Degan’s Designs hopes to bring awareness to Traumatic Brain Injury, because it truly is the invisible disease.

My criteria for choosing a design is simple. First of all, make a statement. Finally, make people laugh. Likewise, make people think. My day is complete when someone stops me at a store, points to my t-shirt design and tells me what a cool shirt I’m wearing. I thank them, tell them a little about me and my designs, and go on my way.

If my Cool, Funny, and Unique T-Shirt doesn’t meet your expectations, send it back! I have a 30 day return policy!