T-Shirts, Tank Tops, & More for Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness, Caregivers, and Anyone Who Needs to Laugh


My new husband of 2 months was in a serious motorcycle accident in 2012. When he was in a coma for three weeks, I’d tell him if he didn’t want to be married, all he had to do was speak up – not hit his head on the pavement! I became a Caregiver, and we endured two years of intense therapy until he recovered well enough from a Traumatic Brain Injury to be self-sufficient. It was during those two years that the only way I could retain any sanity I had left was to find that made me laugh.  Enter Facebook and memes.

I’d find myself laughing at memes, and knew I could put the ones that tickled my fancy and appealed to my warped sense of humor on t-shirts and mugs. My husband would say things that were so off the wall and funny, I was compelled to make Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness and Caregiver designs. Then Relationships and other categories were added. Now there are shirt and mug designs for everyone.




TBI Awareness


Degan's Designs Caregiver Design

Degan's Designs Relationship


The following are just a few of the categories for our designs.


Traumatic Brain Injury is an invisible injury. If you met anyone for the first time with a TBI who has 85% recovered from the injury, you probably would have no idea they have issues with memory, prioritizing tasks, processing emotions, and problem solving. But the TBI patient’s family and friends know.


No one can sugar coat it – being a Caregiver is one of the most difficult tasks any one person can endure. You learn a lot – how to deal with doctors and medical insurance red tape, where the hospital hides their supply of Kleenex, medications side effects and drug interactions. 

Most Caregivers start out by putting all their efforts into the patient’s care. The Caregiver is on autopilot and forgets to take care of her/himself first. Caregiver Rule #1 is: you can’t take care of someone if you neglect yourself first. Most of us make that mistake which leads to Caregiver burnout.


Our relationship shirts make great anniversary and birthday gifts. 


We love transforming memes and quotes into wearable designs. If there’s something you’d like on a t-shirt, contact us. We can make it happen!